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The Tenth International Conference
on Civil, Structural and Environmental
Engineering Computing

Rome, Italy
30 August - 2 September 2005

"At the interface of industrial and academic research..."

Second Call-for-papers

This is the tenth in the CIVIL-COMP series of conferences concerned with the application of computers to civil, structural and environmental engineering. The first Civil-Comp Conference was held in 1983. The conference will provide a forum for the presentation and dissemination of recent developments in the use of computers in civil, structural and environmental engineering. A major objective of the conference will be to link research and innovative ideas to engineering practice.

Short to medium length papers describing the application of computers to civil, structural and environmental engineering projects will be particularly welcome. In addition, it is hoped that significant research and review papers on civil, structural and environmental engineering computational research topics will be presented.

The range of topics considered by the Conference will include: Professional Issues for Engineering Computer Users - Misuse of Computers - Data Management and Retrieval Systems - Software Standards, Quality Assurance and Benchmarking - Model Verification and Validation - Uncertainty Models - Human Computer Interaction - Data Acquisition and Control Systems - Structural Engineering including Steel, Bridge, Composite, Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Structures - Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering - Structural Integrity - Formfinding, Topology and Structural Morphology - Space, Tension and Shell Structures - Soil-Structure Interaction (static and dynamic) - Buckling and Stability - Linear and Non-linear Dynamics - Analysis of Semi-rigid Connections - Environmental Engineering - CAD (including steel, concrete, masonry and composite) - Transport and Highways Engineering - Geotechnical Analysis and Design - Foundation Engineering - Dam Engineering - Slope Design - Ground Vibration - Construction Automation and Robotics - Construction Management - Project Management - Management Systems - Civil Engineering Surveying - Civil Engineering Management - Lifetime Costs - Productivity - Sustainable Urban Environments - Water Resources Enginering - Enviromental Modelling - Mobile Computing - GIS - Virtual Reality - Structural Control - Fracture Mechanics - Modelling of Concrete Durability - Rock Mechanics - Offshore Structures - Computer Controlled Site Instrumentation - Quality Assessment - Optimisation.

A list of computing technology that may be described with respect to the above domains includes: Integrated Design Systems - Information Technology - Parallel and Distributed Processing - Supercomputing - Heterogenous Computing - Simulation - Computer Aided Design - Graphics and Design - Safety Analysis - Product Modelling - Optimization - Information Systems - Virtual Reality - World Wide Web Applications - Visualisation - Simulations and Modeling - Decision Support Systems - New Algorithms - Computational Technology - Genetic Algorithms - Neural Networks - Decision Support Systems - Product Modelling - Design Integration - Grid Computing - Mathematical Software - OOP - Adaptive Methods.

The conference runs concurrently with the Eighth International Conference on the Application of Artificial Intelligence to Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering. Participants may attend sessions from either conference.

Further information for authors can be found on the submission page.

Special Sessions
Several special sessions will be organised at this Conference. Papers may be submitted directly to the Conference Editor or to any of the special session organisers if you wish to participate in their session. Over the coming months the list of special sessions will gradually grow. Please visit this page regularly to keep up to date. Please also notice the important dates.

  • Buckling of Shells, organised by Dr J. Blachut, UK.
  • Tall Buildings, organised by Dr J. Bull, UK.
  • Design and Analysis of Bridges, organised by Professor H.G. Kwak, Korea.
  • Nanomechanics, organised by Professor A.Y.T. Leung, Hong Kong.
  • Computing in Building, Environment and Urban Planning, organised by Dr J.W. Lu, Hong Kong.
  • Seismic Design and Repair of Structures, organised by Dr E. Mistakidis, Greece.
  • Earthquake Engineering, organised by Professor M. Saiidi, Reno NV, USA.
  • Computational Tools for Safety in the Built Environment, organised by Professor F. Hadipriono, Ohio, USA. and Dr J. Duane, Ohio, USA.
  • Analysis of Steel and Composite Structures, organised by Dr L.F. Costa Neves, Portugal.
  • Computational Methods for Concrete Structures, organised by Dr A.F. Ashour, UK.
  • Soil Structure Interaction, organised by Dr M.S. Jaafar, Professor J. Noorzaei and Dr W.A.M. Thanoon, Malaysia.
  • Numerical Modelling of Composite Materials, organised by Dr M. Kaminski, Poland.
  • Structural Damage Detection, organised by Dr D. Tran, Australia.
  • Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, organised by Professor A. Puppala, USA.
  • Innovative Technology and Management for Construction Engineering, organised by Dr Nang-Fei Pan, Taiwan, ROC.
Proposals for the organisation of a special session on your specialist topic including ten to sixteen papers and an optional special lecture are welcome. Please complete the following session proposal form and send it to the conference editor at the address below.

Conference Editorial Board
The members of the editorial board for this conference are: Professor H. Adeli, USA; Dr. N.A. Alexander, UK; Assoc. Professor A.H. Al-Gadhib, Saudi Arabia; Professor A.M. Alsugair, Saudia Arabia; Dr. R. Amor, New Zealand; Professor C.J. Anumba, England; Dr A.J. Aref, USA; Dr A.F. Ashour, UK; Dr C.E. Augarde, UK; Professor Y. Ayvaz, Turkey; Dr A. Bahreininejad, Iran; Professor A.N. Baldwin, Hong Kong; Professor J.R. Banerjee, UK; Professor R.C. Barros, Portugal; Dr R.G. Beale, UK; Professor I. Becchi, Italy; Professor A.A. Becker, UK; Dr D.W. Begg, UK; Professor A. Benjeddou, France; Dr A. Bjelanovic, Croatia; Dr J. Blachut, UK; Professor F.A. Branco, Portugal; Dr J.W. Bull, UK; Professor T. Burczynski, Poland; Dr A.M. Chandler, Hong Kong; Dr S. Chandra, India; Dr A.P. Chassiakos, Greece; Professor B.S. Choo, UK; Professor J. Christian, Canada; Professor D.K.H. Chua, Singapore; Professor G. Dargush, USA; Professor M.M. de Farias, Brazil; Dr K. de Proft, Belgium; Professor G. De Roeck, Belgium; Professor G. Degrande, Belgium; Professor M.C. Deo, India; Dr. M. Dolenc, Slovenia; Professor A. Ebrahimpour, USA; Dr D.J. Edwards, UK; Professor L.Z. Emkin, USA; Professor J. Ermopoulos, Greece; Dr. W.J. Ferguson, UK; Dr A. Ferrante, Italy; Professor D.M. Frangopol, USA; Professor L. Fryba, Czech Republic; Professor M. Fuchs, Israel; Dr. P. Gardner, UK; Dr M.A. Gharaibeh, Jordan; Dr P. Gosling, UK; Professor W.J. Grenney, USA; Professor D.E. Grierson, Canada; Dr Z.W. Guan, UK; Professor A.D. Gupta, Thailand; Dr M.N.S. Hadi, Australia; Professor F.C. Hadipriono, USA; Professor P. Hajela, USA; Professor N.B. Harmancioglu, Turkey; Professor T. Hegazy, Canada; Professor H. Hikosaka, Japan; Dr M. Hirokane, Japan; Dr J. Hoybye, Sweden; Professor Y. Itoh, Japan; Dr B.A. Izzuddin, UK; Dr M.S. Jaafar, Malaysia; Dr. D.S. Jeng, Australia; Dr T.J. Ji, UK; Professor X. Jia, USA; Dr E.S. Kameshki, Bahrain; Dr M. Kaminski, Poland; Professor T. Kanstad, Norway; Professor A. Kaveh, Iran; Professor T. Kerh, Taiwan; Dr A.I. Khan, Australia; Professor E. Kita, Japan; Dr S. Kmet, Slovakia; Professor H.G. Kwak, Korea; Professor D. Le Houédec, France; Dr I.D. Lefas, Greece; Dr M. Lefik, Poland; Dr. C.J. Leo, Australia; Professor A.Y.T. Leung, Hong Kong; Professor H. Li, Hong Kong; Dr P.B. Lourenco, Portugal; Professor P.E.D. Love, Australia; Dr J. Wie-Zhen Lu, Hong Kong; Mr J. Mackerle, Sweden; Dr R.I. Mackie, UK; Dr H. Maier, Australia; Professor M. Malafaya-Baptista, Portugal; Professor Dr. K. Marti, Germany; Professor J.C. Martinez, USA; Professor F.M. Mazzolani, Italy; Professor S.L. McCabe, USA; Mr P.F. McCombie, UK; Professor S.A. Mirza, Canada; Assistant Professor E.S. Mistakidis, Greece; Professor B. Moeller, Germany; Professor F. Molenkamp, Netherlands; Dr C.J. Moore, UK; Professor G. Muscolino, Italy; Professor J.-P. Muzeau, France; Dr. T. Nakai, Japan; Dr L.F. Costa Neves, Portugal; Professor J.W. Nicklow, USA; Professor M. Papadrakakis, Greece; Professor M. Pastor, Spain; Professor A.J. Puppala, USA; Professor A.A. Ramezanianpour, Iran; Professor M. Raoof, UK; Dr Y. Ribakov, Israel; Dr. A. Riccio, Italy; Professor C. Romanel, Brazil; Professor M.L. Romero, Spain; Professor R.L. Sack, USA; Dr. M. Saiidi, USA; Professor M. Saje, Slovenia; Professor M.P. Saka, Turkey; Professor A. Samartin, Spain; Professor L.M. Santos Castro, Portugal; Professor T. Sayed, USA; Professor R.J. Scherer, Germany; Professor L. Simoni, Italy; Prof. S. Singh, USA; Professor V.P. Singh, USA; Professor M. Skitmore, Australia; Professor I.F.C. Smith, Switzerland; Professor J.E. Souza de Cursi, France; Dr R. Spallino, Germany; Dr N.K. Subedi, UK; Professor Dr G. Swoboda, Austria; Professor C.A. Syrmakezis, Greece; Mr D. Taffs, UK; Professor J.H.M. Tah, UK; Professor I. Takahashi, Japan; Professor D. Thambiratnam, Australia; Dr D. Theodossopoulos, UK; Professor G. Thierauf, Germany; Professor H.R. Thomas, UK; Dr D. Tran, Australia; Dr G.J. Turvey, UK; Professor Y. Uematsu, Japan; Dr L.S. Vamvakeridou-Lyroudia, Greece; Dr G. Venter, USA; Professor C.M. Wang, Singapore; Dr A.S. Watson, UK; Professor Y.-B. Yang, Taiwan; Dr J.Q. Ye, UK; Professor Z.P. You, USA; Professor R. Zandonini, Italy; Professor Q.L. Zhang, China; Professor A. Zingoni, South Africa; and Professor P.P. Zouein, Lebanon.

Conference Proceedings
The conference proceedings (camera ready format) which will be available on the first day of the conference will be published by Civil-Comp Press. A selection of papers will be published in special issues of Computers & Structures and Advances in Engineering Software. The procedure for submitting papers for these journal special issues will be available at the conference.

Conference Programme
The conference opening lecture will be given at 18.00 on Tuesday 30th August 2005. The conference will close at 17.00 on Friday 2nd September 2005. The sessions will commence each day (Wednesday 31st August till Friday 2nd September) at 9.00 and finish at 17.30, except for Friday 2nd September when they will finish at 17.00.

Conference Venue
The venue for the conference is Hotel Villa Pamphili in Rome, Italy. The hotel is reachable by taxi from the International Airport. The Hotel is located in a quiet area of Italy's capital near Vatican City. All presentations, lunches and coffees will be at the hotel. For information on how to get to the venue, click here.

Accommodation is available at the Hotel Villa Pamphili. Bookings should be made directly with the hotel. Please contact: Hotel Villa Pamphili, Via delle Nocetta 105, 00164 Rome, Italy, Tel: +390 6 6602636, Fax: +390 6 6602645, Email: The booking form contains the special conference rates. It should be sent together with payment details to Hotel Villa Pamphili before 15/7/2005.