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The Thirteenth International Conference
on Civil, Structural and Environmental
Engineering Computing
Chania, Crete, Greece
6-9 September 2011
Special Session CC2011-S10:
Nuclear Power Plant Analysis
organised by Dr M. Domaneschi
Politecnico di Milano, Italy
This special session is open to contributions concerning the structural analysis of nuclear power plants. It is devoted to the computational methods for the static and dynamic analysis of buildings and equipments.

The attention is focused in particular to the effects of external loading conditions due to environmental phenomena, such as earthquakes or hurricanes, or to other external actions, such as the impact of aircrafts. Within this context, numerical procedures for risk analysis and strategies for risk mitigation are also among the topics of interest.

The contributions should emphasize the usefulness and the efficiency of the computational method adopted, establishing it as matter of fact. Experiences from real applications are welcome.

Please note that papers that are found to fall outside the scope of this session may be considered for other sessions.

To submit abstracts for this special session, please email the organiser directly at (domaneschi AT or alternatively submit your abstract directly to the Conference Editor using the abstract submission portal. If you use the portal, please do not forget to mention that your abstract is part of special session CC11-S10.

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