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The Fourteenth International Conference
on Civil, Structural and Environmental
Engineering Computing
Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
3-6 September 2013
Designing collapse-resistant structures
organised by Prof. D.C. Charmpis
University of Cyprus
Session Aims and Scope
The contemporary design codes (e.g. the Eurocodes) aim in ensuring structural safety mainly through appropriately calibrated requirements at the structural component/element/connection level (local requirements). Structural system performance is actually not accounted for explicitly (no specific global requirements are imposed), but is assumed to be implicitly treated when considering the local design requirements. However, the adequate resistance of a structural system cannot be ensured merely by satisfying local design checks, but by incorporating explicit global requirements in the design process.

This Special Session focuses on the design of structures satisfying specific global requirements on system collapse resistance. The Session is concerned with any type of structure (buildings, bridges, etc.) made of any type of material (steel, reinforced concrete, timber, composite, etc.) and subjected to any kind of loading (static/dynamic). The treatment of progressive collapse is also among the topics of interest to this Session. Hence, contributions are welcome, which present approaches to design collapse-resistant structures, evaluate code-designed structures or comparatively assess design methods with respect to the achieved system collapse resistance, optimize collapse-resistant structural designs, etc.

For specific questions regarding the scope of this session please contact the organiser:
  • Prof. D.C. Charmpis
    University of Cyprus
    (charmpis AT

Please note that papers that are found to fall outside the scope of this session may be considered for other sessions.

Abstract Submission
To submit abstracts for this special session, please follow the normal abstract submission procedure but please select "CC2013-S01" when asked "Is this paper part of a special session?"
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