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Venue: Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University
The Fifteenth International Conference on
Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering Computing
Prague, Czech Republic
1-4 September 2015
organised in cooperation with
The Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Technical University, Prague

Special Session Call for Papers:
Special Session: CC2015-24
Monitoring for Damage Detection, Vulnerability Assessment, Forecast and Protection Of Structures and Continua
Session Aims and Scope
Today the preservation of architectural heritage and civil structures represents a considerable concern in many countries, especially due to the decay effects and to the risk associated to natural extreme actions, as earthquakes. Therefore, for a rigorous characterization and study of these structures, the application of non-destructive techniques and the dynamic identification are important tools for the assessment and design of retrofitting solutions and risk mitigation interventions. An evaluation supported by non-destructive methods is very important in the case of architectural heritage constructions. Heavy interventions can be avoided if a rigorous previous assessment is enforced in structures that often have suffered many changes in time. Additionally techniques for forecasting the incoming dynamic actions may contribute to the knowledge of the environmental conditions to be accounted for when choosing the type of intervention to be selected for improving the performance of the structure, thus leading to the most appropriate control strategy or refurbishment provision.


  • non-destructive tests
  • structural health monitoring (SHM)
  • evaluation of the existing damage in structures
  • analysis and modeling tools for ancient constructions
  • evolutive stage of cracks and injuries in ancient building
  • in-situ monitoring of existing structures
  • assessment, repair and strengthening of structures
  • vulnerability of historical structures
  • retrofit systems and techniques
  • seismic hazard and seismic risk
  • structural control
  • techniques for the forecast of the seismic excitation
For specific questions regarding the scope of this session please contact the organisers:
  • Dr H. Varum, University of Porto, Portugal, (hvarum AT,
  • Dr D. Foti, Polytechnic of Bari, Italy, (dora.foti AT
  • Professor O. Corbi, University of Naples Frederico II, Italy, (ottavia.corbi AT

Please note that papers that are found to fall outside the scope of this session may be considered for other sessions.

Abstract Submission
To submit abstracts for this special session, please follow the normal abstract submission procedure but please select "CC2015-S24" when asked "Is this paper part of a special session?"
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