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The Fifteenth International Conference on
Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering Computing
The Fourth International Conference on
Soft Computing Technology in
Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering
Prague, Czech Republic
1-4 September 2015

Hotels and Accommodation

The link to our conference partners in Prague to enable participants to book hotels, accommodation and tours at special rates is here. The details of the hotels etc. available can be seen by clicking on the "Hotel Choice" button in the left hand panel. To see the special rates click on the button "Booking" in the left hand panel and then on the accommodation form link. Please note that rooms are available at a daily rate of between 24 Euros and 174 Euros.

If you have any questions concerning hotels, tours and your booking please contact: Conference Partners Prague Ltd., using the email: cpp AT conferencepartners DOT cz

If you use this booking service then your booking is made via Conference Partners Prague Ltd., not Civil-Comp Ltd.

Please note that representatives of Conference Partners Prague Ltd., will be available to assist participants during the conference.