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Amalfi Coast
CST2014: The Twelfth International Conference
on Computational Structures Technology
ECT2014: The Ninth International Conference
on Engineering Computational Technology
Naples, Italy
2-5 September 2014
Information for all Participants
Conference Timetable
The conference opening and plenary session will start at 17.00 on Tuesday 2 September 2014. The regular sessions will start at 8.30 on Wednesday 3 September 2014. The conference will officially close at 17.00 on Friday 5 September 2014. The registration desk will be open 15.00-19.00 Tuesday, 8.15-18.00 on Wednesday to Thursday and 8.30-13.30 on Friday.
Presentation Facilities
The presentation time for contributed papers is 14 minutes, followed by 3 minutes for questions. The presentation time for invited lectures is 25 minutes, followed by 5 minutes for questions. Presentations will only be possible using the provided computers and data projectors (not OHP or 35mm slides).

There are two ways to deliver your presentation at CST2014 & ECT2014:

  • Prepare a PDF or Powerpoint presentation and take it with you on a USB memory stick. Presentation laptops and projectors will be available in each room. You will have the opportunity to copy your presentation onto the presentation laptop during the break immediately preceding each session. Alternatively you can run your presentation directly from the memory stick.
  • Bring your own laptop and connect it to the projector in the presentation room. But please note that the delays from connecting your laptop and setting up may shorten your presentation time.
Royal Continental Hotel
Via Partenope 38/44
80121 Naples
Tel. +39 081 7644614
Fax +39 081 7645707
Travel Information
Naples Airport also known as Capodichino Airport (IATA: NAP) is well organized and connected to the Center of the City with public transportation. Naples Airport located 5.9 km north-northeast of the city in the Capodichino district of Naples. The airport Capodichino has two terminal buildings: Terminal 1 is for departing travellers and Terminal 2, located away from the airfield, is used for charter operations. A taxi to the Royal Continental Hotel is typically 20-30 euros.