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The Second International Conference on
Parallel, Distributed, Grid and Cloud Computing for Engineering
Ajaccio, Corsica, France
12-15 April 2011
Special Session PARENG2011-S02:
High Performance Green Computing
organised by Prof. Pascal Bouvry
University of Luxembourg
and Prof. Samee Khan
North Dakota State University, USA
Over the last decade we have witnessed computing service providers to continually upgrade their infrastructures to high-performance computing systems that can meet the increasing demands of powerful newer applications. In parallel, almost in concert, computing manufacturers have consolidated and moved from stand-alone servers to rack mounted blades. The above mentioned trends alone are increasing electricity usage in large-scale computing systems, such as data centers, computational grids, and cloud computing. This increase in electricity utilization has reached to a point that many information technology managers are all up in arms to identify a holistic solution that can reduce electricity consumption (so that the total cost of operation is minimized) of their respective large-scale computing systems and simultaneously improve upon or maintain the current throughput of the system.
Topics of Interest
  • Optimization of Energy-efficient Protocols/Algorithms
  • Energy-efficient Scheduling Algorithms
  • Energy-efficient Storage
  • Energy-Efficient Data Retrieval
  • Energy-efficient Resource Allocation
  • Energy-efficient Multi-Agent Systems
  • Energy-saving Architectures
  • Energy-efficient Schedulers
  • Power-Down Techniques
  • Energy Standards
  • HPC models for Energy-efficiency
  • Virtualization Methodologies
  • Energy-efficient Cross-layer Protocols
  • Energy-efficient MAC Protocols
  • Energy-efficient Routing Protocols
  • Voltage and Frequency Scaled Networks
  • Energy-efficient Communication Protocols
  • Energy-efficient Protocols/Algorithms in PHY, IP Layers or Above
  • Hardware Solutions for Achieving Energy Efficiency in Large-scale Networked Systems
  • Virtualization Techniques for Energy Efficiency
  • Network Models and Simulation Modules/Tools for Energy Efficient Solutions
  • Cooling Systems for data centers
  • Heat Models for data centers
  • Data center design
  • Any other topic related to Green computing, networking or data storage.

Please note that papers that are found to fall outside the scope of this session may be considered for other sessions.

To submit abstracts for this special session, please email the organisers directly at (Pascal.Bouvry AT or alternatively submit your abstract directly to the Conference Editor using the abstract submission portal. If you use the portal, please do not forget to mention that your abstract is part of special session PARENG2011-S02.

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