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Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
Venue: THotel, Cagliari, Sardinia
Railways 2016
The Third International Conference on
Railway Technology:
Research, Development and Maintenance
Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
5-8 April 2016
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Railways have always played a significant role in the development of the wealth creation capabilities of society. The early roman wagonways, the steam driven railways during the industrial revolution and the electric railways of the late nineteenth and twentieth century are just a few of the railway systems that have played a vital role in past infrastructure development. The search for a fast, reliable and cost effective means of transport that presents better energy efficiency and less impact on the environment has resulted in renewed interest and rapid development in railway technology. Following the success of many special sessions on railway technology, held over the last few years in the Civil-Comp Conference series, a new conference series was created in 2012. The first conference was held in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in April 2012 and the second in Ajaccio, Corscia, in April 2014.
The range of topics to be considered during this Conference includes (but is not limited to):

Rolling Stock

  • Rolling stock design, manufacture and maintenance
  • Modelling and Simulation: Railway dynamics, Structural analysis, Crashworthiness, Wheel-rail interaction, Pantograph-catenary dynamics, Wear and Fatigue
  • High speed trains
  • Light railways and trams
  • Technologies to increase freight capacity
  • Bogies technology
  • Field and laboratory testing
  • Performance and optimisation
  • Aerodynamics and crosswind
  • Noise, vibration and comfort
  • Traction and braking
  • Safety, security and reliability
  • Ergonomics and interior design
  • Railway structures: Bridges, tunnels and transition zones
  • Track design, construction and maintenance
  • Interaction of vehicles with the infrastructure
  • Foundations
  • Track monitoring
  • Trackbeds: Sleepers and ties
  • Geotechnical aspects: Earthworks, embankments, stabilisation
  • Technologies for track defects detection
  • Station design
Energy and Environment
  • Re-use of kinetic energy
  • Energy sources and smart grids
  • Hybrid traction and power trains
  • Sustainable rail transport
Signalling and communication
  • ERTMS - European Rail Traffic Management System
  • ITS - Information and Technology Systems
  • Railway systems operation
  • Traffic management
  • Interoperability
  • Intermodal solutions
  • Customer interfaces
  • Timetabling
  • Logistics
Strategies and Economics
  • Railway transport: Capacity and cost
  • Track access charges
  • Cost implications
  • Pricing
  • Planning and policies
  • Future trends in railway engineering
  • Railways: History, heritage and education
Conference Flyer
Download the conference flyer for distribution to colleagues.
Industry Poster Sessions
A limited number of conference participants from industry may present posters at the conference. For further details of the arrangements for posters see here.
Young Researcher Best Paper Competition
To encourage young researchers to attend the conference a 1000 Euro Young Researcher Best Paper Prize will be awarded to the best paper presented at the conference. To read the full terms and conditions of this competition, please click here.
Special Sessions
A number of special sessions will be organised at this Conference. If you wish to participate in a special session please indicate this when you submit your abstract. Over the coming months the list of special sessions will gradually grow. Please visit this page regularly to keep up to date. Please also notice the important dates.

The list of special sessions is being assembled. Proposals for the organisation of a special session on your specialist topic including six or more papers and an optional special lecture are welcome.

Proposals for special sessions may be sent to the conference editors via ccmm2 AT

The current list of special sessions includes:

  • RW2016-S01: Railway Research Commercialization: Economy, Technology and Society
    organised by Dr S. Moretto, University of Lisbon, Portugal, (s.moretto AT, Dr H. Pan, Department of Urban Planning, Tongji University, Shanghai, China, (hxpank AT, and Dr M. Milenkovic, University of Belgrade, Serbia, (m.millenkovic AT
  • RW2016-S02: Methods for the Safety Improvement in Railway Transport
    organised by Professor M. Sitarz, University of Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland, (msitarz AT and Dr I. Manka, The University of Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland (imanka AT
  • RW2016-S03: Pantograph-Catenary Interaction
    organised by Dr A. Facchinetti, Italy, (alan.facchinetti AT and Professor J. Ambrósio, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon, Portugal, (jorge AT
  • RW2016-S04: Switches and Crossings
    organised by Professor Elias Kassa, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway, (elias.kassa AT Dr. Valeri Markine, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands (V.L.Markine AT
  • RW2016-S05: Friction in Wheel-Rail Contact: Modelling and Experimental Validation
    organised by Dr K. Six, Virtual Vehicle Research Center, Graz, Austria, (klaus.six AT and Dr E.A.H. Vollebregt, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands (edwin.vollebregt AT
  • RW2016-S06: Interoperable Track and Rolling Stock: Testing, Homologation, Condition Monitoring and Maintenance
    organised by Professor C. Vale, Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, Portugal, (cvale AT, Professor A. Bracciali, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale, Università degli Studi di Firenze, Italy (andrea.bracciali AT, and Dr. C. Carganico, Italian Notified Body Italcertifer SpA, Italy (c.carganico AT
  • RW2016-S07: Railway Productivity
    organised by Professor L.M. Vianna, MRS Logística Corporation, Brazil (lev AT Professor S. Ricci, Department of Civil, Environmental and Building Engineering, Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy (stefano.ricci AT Esp. R. Troian, MRS Logística Corporation, Brazil (rtr AT
  • RW2016-S08: Wheel-Rail Damage: Influencing Factors and Metallurgical Aspects
    organised by Dr M. Steenbergen, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands (M.J.M.M.Steenbergen AT and Dr K. Six, Virtual Vehicle Research Center, Graz, Austria, (klaus.six AT
  • RW2016-S09: Accidents Analysis and R&D of Safety Technologies
    organised by Professor A. Matsumoto, Japan Transport Safety Board, Japan, (matsumoto-a2jk AT Professor R.A. Smith, Imperial college, United Kingdom, (roderick.smith AT and Professor H. Nakamura, Nihon University, Japan (nakamura.hideo AT
  • RW2016-S10: Modelling and Simulation of Railroad Vehicle Systems: Enhancements and Applications
    organised by Professor A.A. Shabana, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA,(shabana AT, Professor J.L. Escalona, University of Seville, Spain, (escalona AT, and Professor Hiroyuki Sugiyama, University of Iowa, USA, (hiroyuki-sugiyama AT
  • RW2016-S11: Geotechnical Aspects in Rail-Track Performance
    organised by Professor A. Gomes Correia, University of Minho, ISISE, Portugal, (agc AT, Dr S. Costa d’Aguiar, SNCF, Innovation & Recherche, France, (sofia.costadaguiar AT, Dr Y. Momoya, Railway Technical Research Institute, Japan, (momoya AT, and Professor P.K. Woodward, University of Heriot-Watt, UK, (P.K.Woodward AT
  • RW2016-S12: Dynamics of Railway Bridges
    organised by Professor J.M. Goicolea, Technical University of Madrid, Spain, (jose.goicolea AT, Professor R.A.B. Calcada, Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, Portugal, (ruiabc AT, and Professor R. Karoumi, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden, (raid.karoumi AT
  • RW2016-S13: Advanced Wheel-Rail Contact Models
    organised by Dr E. Meli, Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Florence, Italy, (enrico.meli AT, Professor J.L. Escalona, Department of Mechanical and Material Engineering, University of Seville, Spain, (escalona AT, and Dr L. Pugi, Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Florence, Italy, (
  • RW2016-S14: Railway Vehicle-Infrastructure Interaction: Experimental, Analytical and Numerical Advances
    organised by Professor J.E. Abdalla Filho, Mechanical Engineering Program, Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná, Brazil, and Federal Technological University of Paraná, Brazil, (joao.abdalla AT or joaofilho AT, and Professor R. Carrazedo, Structural Engineering Department, São Carlos School of Engineering, University of São Paulo, Brazil, (carrazedo AT
  • RW2016-S15: Train Aerodynamics
    organised by Professor S. Krajnovic, Vehicle Aerodynamics Laboratory, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, (sinisa AT, Professor C. Wagner, German Aerospace Center, Institute of Aerodynamics and Flow Technology, Germany, (claus.wagner AT, and Dr H. Hemida, Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom, (h.hemida AT
  • RW2016-S16: Hardware In the Loop Testing and Real-Time Identification for Railway Applications
    organised by Professor A. Mpanda, Ecole Superieure d'Ingenieurs en Electronique et Electrotechnique, Amiens, France, (mpanda AT, Professor J. Ros, Universidad Publica de Navarra, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Pamplona, Spain, (jros AT, Dr. L. Pugi, Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Florence, Italy, (luca.pugi AT, and Dr. E. Meli, Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Florence, Italy, (enrico.meli AT
  • RW2016-S17:Transition Zones: Understanding and Overcoming the Gap
    organised by Professor E. Fortunato, National Laboratory for Civil Engineering (LNEC) and University of Porto, Portugal, (efortunato AT, and Professor S. Kaewunruen, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom, (s.kaewunruen AT
  • RW2016-S18: Wheel-Rail Contact Tribology
    organised by Dr R. Lewis, The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, (roger.lewis AT, and Professor U. Olofsson, KTH, Sweden, (ulfo AT
  • RW2016-S19: Rehabilitation of Old Railway Lines: Technical and Economic Issues
    organised by Professor E. Fortunato, National Laboratory for Civil Engineering (LNEC) and University of Porto, Portugal, (efortunato AT, and Dr G. Saussine, SNCF, France, (gilles.saussine AT
  • RW2016-S20: Mechanics of High-Speed Trains
    organised by Professor G. Yang, Key Laboratory for Mechanics in Fluid Solid Coupling Systems, Institute of Mechanics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, (gwyang AT, and Professor X. Shen, State Key Laboratory of Traction Power, Southwest Jiaotong University, China, (shengxiaozhen AT
  • RW2016-S21: Squats: Detection, Monitoring, Mitigation and International Experience
    organised by Dr M. Ishida, Nihon Koei Ltd., Japan, (ishida-mk AT, Dr Z. Li, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, ( AT, and Dr. S. Kaewunruen, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom, (s.kaewunruen AT
  • RW2016-S22: Durability of Railway Infrastructures and Rolling Stock
    organised by Dr Z. Qian, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, (z.qian AT, Dr D. Fletcher, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, (d.i.fletcher AT, and Dr Z. Li, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands ( AT
  • RW2016-S23: Towards Automated Monitoring and Maintenance Systems for Railway Infrastructure
    organised by Dr A. Núñez, Section of Road and Railway Engineering, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, (A.A.NunezVicencio AT, Dr Z. Li, Section of Road and Railway Engineering, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands (Z.Li AT, and Professor B. De Schutter, Delft Center for Systems and Control, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands (B.DeSchutter AT
  • RW2016-S24: Advanced Diagnostics, Monitoring and Modelling of Railway Systems Electric Components
    organised by Professor S. Barmada and Prof. M. Tucci, University of Pisa, Italy (sami.barmada/mauro.tucci AT
  • RW2016-S25:Computerized Systems for Vehicle Control, Diagnostics and Maintenance
    organised by Professor A. Levchenkov, Riga Technical University, Latvia (anatolijs.levcenkovs AT, and Professor Z. Bazaras, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania (zilvinas.bazaras AT
  • RW2016-S26:Dynamic Response of Structures and Media under Moving Forces or/and Masses: from Modelling to Applications
    organised by Professor P. Koziol, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Institute of Road and Railway Engineering, Department of Rail and Air Transport Infrastructure, Cracow University of Technology, Poland (pkoziol AT; piotr.koziol AT, and Professor M. de Matos Neves, Department of Mechanical Engineering, LAETA, IDMEC, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal (miguel.matos.neves AT
  • RW2016-S27: Next Generation Railways
    organised by Dr J. Winter, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany (joachim.winter AT, and Dr C. O'Neill, NewRail Research Hub, Newcastle University, United Kingdom (conor.oneill AT

Conference Editorial Board
The Conference Chairmen and Editor is Dr J. Pombo, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, and LAETA, IDMEC, IST - University of Lisbon & ISEL - Lisbon Polytechnic Institute, Portugal.

The members of the editorial board for this conference are: Dr V. Abate, Brazil; Prof. J.E. Abdalla Filho, Brazil; Dr M. Aizpun Navarro, Chile; Prof. A. Alonso, Spain; Prof. J.A.C. Ambrósio, Portugal; Prof L.V. Andersen, Denmark; Prof. J.M.C.S. André, Portugal; Prof. L. Baeza, UK; Prof. C. Baker, UK; Dr M. Baldeiras, Portugal; Prof. Dr M. Banerjee, India; Prof. S. Barmada, Italy; Prof. Z. Bazaras, Lithuania; Prof. Dr-Ing M. Beitelschmidt, Germany; Dr Y. Bezin, UK; Prof. N. Bojovic, Serbia; Prof. C. Boller, UK; Prof. A. Bracciali, UK; Prof. M.A. Bradford, Australia; Prof. S. Bruni, Italy; Prof. R. Calçada, Portugal; Dr C. Carganico, Italy; Prof. R. Carrazedo, Brazil; Prof. R.L. Chen, China; Prof. K.H. Cho, Korea; Dr Y.H. Cho, Korea; Dr I.J. Coleman, UK; Dr A. Cornish, UK; Prof. A.G. Correia, Portugal; Dr S. Costa D'Aguiar, France; Dr B. Counter, UK; Prof. C. Cruceanu, Romania; Prof. B. De Schutter, Netherlands; Prof. G. Degrande, Belgium; Prof. R. Delgado, Portugal; Dr Z. Dimitrovová, Portugal; Prof D. Duhamel, France; Dr D.J. Edwards, UK; Prof. G. Efraimsson, Sweden; Prof. J.L. Escalona Franco, Spain; Prof A. Facchinetti, Italy; Dr D.I. Fletcher, UK; Prof. E. Fortunato, Portugal; Prof. L. Fryba, Czech Republic; Dr P. Galvín, Spain; Prof. Dr Ing. J. Gerlici, Slovakia; Prof. J.M. Goicolea, Spain; Prof. A. Gugliotta, Italy; Dr M. Hartnett, Ireland; Dr H. Hemida, UK; Dr L. Hornicek, Czech Republic; Dr S.S. Hsu, UK; Distinguished Prof. B. Indraratna, *** unknown ***; Dr M. Ishida, Japan; Prof. X. Jin, China; Prof. C. Johnson, UK; Prof. Y.H. Jung, Korea; Prof. S. Kaewunruen, UK; Prof. R. Karoumi, Sweden; Prof. E. Kassa, Norway; Dr P. Koziol, Poland; Prof. S. Krajnovic, Sweden; Dr N. Kuka, Italy; Prof. A. Levchenkov, Latvia; Prof R. Lewis, UK; Dr D. Li, USA; Dr Z. Li, Netherlands; Prof. Y. Lim, Korea; Prof. S. Loose, Germany; Prof R. Lunden, Sweden; Prof. M.R. Macário, Portugal; Prof. J. Magiera, Poland; Prof. C. Majorana, Italy; Prof. G. Malavasi, Italy; Dr M. Malvezzi, Italy; Dr I. Manka, Poland; Dr M. Marinov, UK; Dr V. Markine, Netherlands; Dr M.D. Martínez-Rodrigo, Spain; Dr S. Martins Moretto, Portugal; Prof. M. Matos Neves, Portugal; Prof. A. Matsumoto, Japan; Dr T. Mazilu, Romania; Dr E. Meli, Italy; Dr M. Milenkovic, Serbia; Dr Y. Momoya, Japan; Prof. A. Mpanda, France; Prof. H. Nakamura, Japan; Prof. C. Nash, UK; Dr M. Novales, Spain; Dr A. Nunez Vicencio, Netherlands; Prof. A. Nurmikolu, Finland; Mr C. O'Neill, UK; Prof. U. Olofsson, Sweden; Dr Z. Orban, Hungary; Mr T.W. Palfreyman, UK; Dr H. Pan, China; Prof. A. Parida, Sweden; Prof. M.S. Pereira, Portugal; Prof. Dr O. Polach, Switzerland; Prof. Dr-Ing. C. Proppe, Germany; Dr L. Pugi, Italy; Dr Z. Qian, Netherlands; Prof. Y. Qiu, China; Prof. G. Raghuram, India; Assoc. Prof. A. Ramalho, Portugal; Prof. S. Ricci, Italy; Dr A. Rindi, Italy; Prof. C. Roberts, UK; Prof. J. Ros, Spain; Dr A. Rovira, Spain; Dr R. Sañudo Ortega, Portugal; Dr G. Saussine, France; Dr L. Schmitt, France; Prof. A.A. Shabana, USA; Dr R.C. Sharma, India; Prof. X. Sheng, China; Prof. M. Sitarz, Poland; Dr K. Six, Austria; Prof. R.A. Smith, UK; Dr M.J.M.M. Steenbergen, Netherlands; Prof. S. Stichel, Sweden; Dr B. Suarez, Spain; Prof. Y. Suda, Japan; Assoc. Prof. H. Sugiyama, USA; Mr A. Tabbal, France; Prof. P.F. Teixeira, Portugal; Prof. Y. Terumichi, Japan; Prof. B.H.V. Topping, UK; Esp. R. Troian, Brazil; Prof. H. True, Denmark; Prof. M. Tucci, Italy; Dr E. Tutumluer, USA; Prof. C. Vale, Portugal; Prof. L.M. Vianna, Brazil; Dr C. Voivret, France; Dr E.A.H. Vollebregt, Netherlands; Prof. C. Wagner, Germany; Prof. F. Wang, China; Dr B. Wilson, USA; Dr J.K.W. Winter, Germany; Prof. P.K. Woodward, UK; Prof. T.X. Wu, China; Prof. B. Wynne, UK; Prof. G. Yang, China; Prof. Y.B. Yang, Taiwan; Dr D. Younesian, Iran; Dr J.A. Zakeri, Iran; Dr W.h. Zhang, China;

Conference Proceedings
The conference proceedings are published by Civil-Comp Press and Saxe-Coburg Publications and will be available on the first day of the conference. All papers are assigned DOIs and will appear on the online repository The proceedings volumes have an ISBN; are part of a series with its own ISSN; and are submitted to several abstracting/indexing services.

Journal Special Issues
Contributed papers presented at the Railways 2016 conference are eligible for submission in extended format to the International Journal of Railway Technology after the conference. The details of the submission procedures and deadlines will be provided in the printed conference programme, as issued at the registration desk during the conference.
Conference Venue
The venue for the conference is T-Hotel Cagliari Sardinia, Via Dei Giudicati n.66, 09131 Cagliari, Italy. The T-Hotel is an ultra-modern hotel located right opposite the brand-new Music Plaza and the Lyric Theatre in the heart of Cagliari. The T-Hotel is 10km from the airport.

All presentations, lunches and coffees will be at this location. For information on how to get to the venue, click here.

Accommodation is available at THotel Cagliari Sardinia. Bookings should be made directly with the hotel. Special conference rates have been negotiated with the hotel if you use the special rate booking form available from this page. Please book your hotel accommodation early if you wish to stay at the THotel
Please check with your travel agent or the Italian embassy in your country whether you require a visa to enter Italy. Please remember that it is your responsibility to obtain the visa in good time. If you require a letter of invitation, you may contact the conference organisation. However, it is more usual for embassies to request proof that you have a firm booking for accommodation.